2018 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Tom Evans Krause, Puget Sound Senior Baseball League

Biographical Information:

Your name: Tom Evans Krause

City or town of residence: Lynnwood, Washington

Age: 66

League name: Puget Sound Senior Baseball League (PSSBL)

Town where league is based: Seattle-Tacoma

Where did you grow up? Twin Cities/Omaha/Southern Illinois/Twin Cities

What do you do for a living? Director of Broadcast Operations-Green River College (KGRG-AM & FM GM/broadcasting department chair/instructor) – following a 21-year career in professional broadcasting (radio DJ/program Director/operations manager/consultant).

Family information: Married to my best friend Nicole (30thanniversary in August, 2018); son Andrew; daughter Allison

General Questions:

Describe your baseball resume: Varsity/Lettered all 4 years in high school. College walk-on (and walk-off – too many significant injuries). 24 Divisional & National Championship Title Games; 12 PSSBL Division Titles; 3 National World Series Rings; 44 Consecutive Regular Season Game Errorless Streak 2002-2003; Longest Serving PSSBL Board Member – 19 Years; PSSBL President 2006-Present; PSSBL Hall of Fame – 2017; MSBL National Hall of Fame – 2012; MSBL National Lifetime Achievement Award – 2016;

What is your greatest baseball moment, either watching or playing? Growing up principally in the Twin Cities, I’ve been a huge Minnesota Twins fan since 1961, their inaugural season. I attended Games 1 & 2 of both the 1987 and 1991 World Series, and the Twins won all four on their way to two titles. The other greatest moment was when the final out was recorded and our Puget Sound Gators won the MSBL Central World Series championship in 2007 – my first ring.

When did you start playing for MSBL and how did you hear about it? I saw a small ad in the sports section of the Seattle Times. A friend and I tried out in 1995 and were drafted to a PSSBL expansion team. We played together on the same team – the Sierra Division Beavers – for 16 seasons.

Do you still play? Yes. Three teams in 2018 (50+, 60+ and a 35+ Rec division team). Potentially a 60-game regular season schedule

What team and age bracket? Crawfords (35+ Rec), Everest Division Mariners (50+ Advanced), Rainier Division Mariners (60+ Advanced)

What is the best thing about your league? The friendships we develop are first and foremost the best thing about our league. Also, the incredible dedication of very talented board members and the GM’s, who are the backbone of our non-profit organization – huge!

Do you participate in any MSBL national tournaments? Yes. I’ve organized and managed a MSBL World Series team since 2005. After winning the 35+ Cactus title with the Puget Sound Twins in 2016, I took a year off as a GM and played in the 60+ World Series last fall. I will return as a GM in 2018 with a 45+ version of the Puget Sound Twins.

Questions just for fun:

Who is your favorite player of all time and why? Harmon Killebrew – This humble nice guy from Payette, Idaho was the core of the Minnesota Twins I grew up with. My parents, brother and I were privileged to attend the game at the old Metropolitan Stadium when this Hall-of-Famer hit his 500th homerun. I loved the fact he played 14 of his MLB seasons as a relatively short, righthanded first baseman with power. I’ve worn #3 (Killebrew’s number) since high school as a relatively short, righthanded first baseman with no power. (Other favorite player: #34 Kirby Puckett!!!)

Are there any additional personal comments you wish to add about your playing or life thus far? God has truly blessed me. I love my family and thank them for allowing me to be a part of this game for 24 years. In the words of Joe Walsh, ‘Life’s been good to me so far.”

Are there any comments about MSBL you wish to share? When I was still in professional radio in Florida, I distinctly remember reading a 1988 “Sports Illustrated” story about a guy – Steve Sigler – putting together a league for adult players to get back to playing hardball. Having played the only game in town – softball – for years, I was both intrigued and jealous. I wanted to get back to playing baseball. Fortunately, after moving to Seattle I found the PSSBL which is celebrating its 30th season in 2018 as a MSBL affiliate. Now in my 24thseason, I thank our original PSSBL organizers Ben Low, Dick Fitzgerald, Craig Hogan and many more. Ultimately, we all have Steve Sigler to thank for his vision and dedication as well as other MSBL luminaries such as Tom Prendergast, Brian Sigler, Steve LaMontia, the unforgettable Dan Piro, and so many others.