2018 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Todd Schrenk, Hoosier (IN) Baseball League

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Todd Schrenk is the president of theHoosier Baseball League located in Northwest, Indiana. He has been the president the past three years in this ten team, 28-over league. Todd has been selected by MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler as an inductee into the 2018 class of the MSBL Honor Roll. We caught up with Todd for a short question and answer session so that you may get to know Todd a little better. Enjoy!

Your name: Todd Schrenk

Age: 38

League name: Hoosier Baseball League of Northwest Indiana

Town where league is based: Northwest Indiana

Where did you grow up? Chesterton, Indiana

What do you do for a living? Process Coordinator at United States Steel Company

Family information: Married to Jill and two daughters, Madelyn and Mallory

General Questions:

Describe your baseball resume: Played baseball from Little League through High School

What is your greatest baseball moment, either watching or playing? At the age of 13 we had won our district and state championships for little league. After the State championship we were a few wins for going to the Little League World Series. I had to go with the family on a three week vacation and the team lost in the next round. Was a great team and we won a lot of games.

When did you start playing for MSBL and how did you hear about it? 2017 will be my sixth season in the HBL and fourth in MSBL. I went to fill in on a softball team with my brother and he was wearing a Pirates hat. That year the MLB Pirates had started off great and I thought he jumped on the band wagon. When I said that to him he said he was playing hardball. The next season I joined the Duneland Pirates in the Hoosier Baseball League.

Do you still play? I do still play and enjoy it very much.

What team and age bracket? I am now on the South Shore Blue Jays. Our age group is 28 and over.

What is the best thing about your league? The competition. We have a few great teams and the rest of the teams can win each week. Every now and then the teams on the bottom will knock off those top teams.

Do you participate in any MSBL national tournaments? I have not participated in the tournaments but am looking to get to one very soon.

Questions just for fun:

Who is your favorite player of all time and why? Mark McGuire. Watching him drop bombs as a kid was fun.

Are there any additional personal comments you wish to add about your playing or life thus far? Being the President of the HBL has been fun. I also am heavily involved with State Park Little League in Chesterton. It’s a great program for the kids and where I played as a kid. That takes up Monday thru Saturday and leaves Sunday as my day to play ball. Being around the other managers and players is a great experience and Sundays is for the guys to play ball but the wives and kids get to get out too and enjoy the day together.

Are there any comments about MSBL you wish to share? Three years ago, when I became president, Steve Sigler and others at MSBL helped with the learning curve. We have had players move away and when I hear that I send them the links to the nearest MSBL league to their new homes. MSBL has been a huge help and made the HBL a stronger league.