2018 45+ American

Las Vegas Rattlers 6, The Bar 1
Submitted by Manny Ocampo, Rattlers manager
After Dave Scanlan pitched a full nine innings to eliminate the Las Vegas Warriors (8-3) In the Semi Final game to go on to face The Bar in the Championship game, Dan Clemens took the ball for the Rattlers and pitched a full game to claim victory over The Bar, 6-1. This was after the bar smoked the Colorado Bandits 20-2 in their Semi Final game.
The Rattlers dug deep and still had the, “lets have some fun” attitude and a whole lot of heart. The Rattlers defense was solid with Mike Strader leading the Infield at shortstop and Jim Rini at second base. Outfielders Dave Scaringe, Tri La, Javier Arias and Tommy Montoya endured outfield coverage throughout the weekend.
An aggressive and smart offense gave us enough to succeed, knowing we had strong pitching and a great defense. Drew Zoulko and Marco Gutierrez were rocks and cannons behind the plate and other contributing/starting pitchers that made a difference were Earl German and Eric Ogletree. It should be noted that Sam Pacheco and Alfonso “Junior” Gandara handled the hot corner at third base with a lot of love shared between the two!
Props go to Mike Stader for handling the “Made to Order” laundry service for all players between game days!!