By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Marty Hoelscher lives in the Salt Lake City area with his wife Kathy and is a member of the Utah MSBL. He has also been attending the MSBL World Series in Arizona since 2005, the first year he heard about MSBL and the same year he joined the Utah MSBL. “In 2005 we went to our first World Series and only took ten players and one got hurt so we finished with nine,” said Hoelscher. “Our pitcher threw every inning but four. Needless to say we won’t do that again.”

Marty will be seen once again this year in Arizona with his 2015 World Series Father/Son champion Salt Lake City Dodgers. For his dedication to the Father/Son division and his annual successes, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Marty into the 2017 class of the MSBL World Series Hall of Fame.

“Meeting people from all over the world that I never would have met, from every state, has given me and my family the opportunity to have made many friends. Receiving this award is totally unexpected and a great honor. I want to thank Steve and Brian for recognizing me and the Dodgers.”

Marty is married to Kathy, who is that wonderful combination of loving wife, baseball supporter and team scorekeeper. “She knows more about baseball than I do,” Marty explained. “I’d be lost without her. She has come to every game I have ever played and is always making sure things run smoothly.”

Part of the reason for Marty’s success and love for the Father/Son division is the opportunity to keep playing alongside his son Mickey. Marty also has another son and a daughter, who have produced three grand children who are all big fans. “The kids come to games in their Dodger uniforms. It’s really something.”

Marty plays in the Utah MSBL with the Dodgers in the 45+ division where the once middle infielder has now made the switch to first base. He played high school and college ball and even some semi-pro ball in California back ‘in the day.’ Now at 67, he is happy to have found the game again after many wasted years. “I spent eleven years playing fast pitch softball before hearing about MSBL in2005. I watched a few of their baseball games and thought ‘I can do that!’ What a waste of precious years.”

Marty continues to enjoy his life in Utah as a licensed social worker involved in home care and hospice programs but still finds the time to play in the Desert Classic in Palm Springs, MSBL Las Vegas tourneys, the World Series and various other MSBL regional tournaments. It is obvious that he and Kathy hit the road often to pursue the baseball dream. “We love going out together and enjoying this great game. The Father/Son concept has allowed me to continue playing alongside my son, which is special. We are all there as a family. You can’t beat that.”

There must be a memory or two from a dozen years of Father/Son competition in the WorldSeries. “In 2006 we were playing at Tempe Diablo Stadium and playing against a real fire baller and everybody was striking out. You get those young guys in the Father/Son division once in a while. I came up and he threw a fastball inside and it was a called strike and then he did the same thing outside and the ump also called it a strike. Then he tried to throw a curve and I nailed it up the middle and undressed him for the go ahead run. We didn’t win but it sure felt good to drill him.

But the biggest thrill has to be our Salt Lake City Dodgers championship in 2015 when we beat the same team that beat us in the round robin and won 5-3 in the championship game alongside my son and Kathy. You can’t beat that.”

Once again you’ll see Marty and the Dodgers down in Arizona and it is a pretty sure bet that they will be there with more than ten guys. Kathy will see to that!