Long time MSBL veteran Ted Poleto is currently retired from the postal service and resides in Riverside, California after beginning his MSBL career in New York’s Capital District league 30 years ago. “I was transferred to California in 1995 and started playing for the Inland Pacific MSBL,” said Poleto. That is also the first year Ted played at the MSBL World Series and has been a fixture there ever since. This year the 61 year old MSBL national tournament veteran has been honored by MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler into the 2017 class of the MSBL World Series Hall of Fame.

“I have been going to Arizona since 1995, winning five rings along the way, and our Inland Angels have also won four or five rings in the Desert Classic in Palm Springs and also Vegas,” explained Ted. “I have also gone to the Fall Classic in Florida about seven times with my Albany buddies from home.”

Poleto amazingly continues to play in an 18-over league division at first base and on the mound. “I have played baseball since I was five years old and my dad, Johnny, played professionally with the Yankees in the 50’s and barnstormed throughout Germany with Ernie Banks and some other stars. I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree!”

Ted is the proud grandfather of eight, the result of four children, three daughters and a son. “My youngest girl is getting married this year in November. That’s the last one.”

One of Ted’s biggest World Series highlights was the back to back championship in ’97 and ’98 as the Inland Apaches. “I had fellow Hall of Famer Tommy Maney with me from Albany those two years, along with his brother. It was very special,” said Ted. “There are, I think, four others who have been with me during the entire World Series journey throughout the years and winning in 2016 as a manager is very special. Now I have a ring as a player and a manager, which was a very definite bucket list moment.”

Such dedication to baseball must have started at the family level. “My dad was always there and pushed me all the way through college. He was there along with my mom at EVERY game I ever played, and I’m not exaggerating. Tommy Maney in Albany introduced me to MSBL all those years ago and I really appreciate it. He and I have played ball together since we were eight years old and continue to be best friends both on and off the field.”

Ted will be down in the Arizona sun once again in 2017 as the headmaster and overall water boy (his words) for his beloved Angels in the 60+ division. “I am a staunch supporter of MSBL and have never played in another league,” added Poleto. “I appreciate what Steve Sigler has provided to me. This award isn’t just mine, it is everyone’s who have supported me to get better both on and off the field. This is a tremendous honor and I receive it on behalf of all of the guys I have gone to war with and dug into the trenches to play championship ball over the years.”