By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Irv Scott is a 75 year old team guy all the way. He has been a part of the Sacramento Solons since 1992 and they have only missed the MSBL World Series championship game in Arizona twice. The Solons aren’t just a team, they are a very good team. Irv has been a big reason why they have excelled and so for his years of success and participation, MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has inducted Irv into the 2017 class of the MSBL World Series Hall of Fame.

“I am honored to receive this award but quite frankly if it has anything to do with on field baseball, the award should go to all my teammates who have participated in the success we have enjoyed in MSBL as the Sacramento Solons,” explained Scott.

The Solons are indeed a powerhouse, having won 13 rings in the last 25 years. They also possess two Las Vegas Kickoff Classic rings. Irv is a pitcher and second baseman for the 60+ Red Sox in the Sacramento league during regular season play. “This year we will be playing in both the 65’s and 70’s as the Solons at the World Series. Val Lewis and I met when we were nine years old and I have made at least 20 new friends this year because of baseball. Kind of amazing, don’t you think?”

Irv has been married to Sylvia the past 52 years (My life began when we met!) and together they have three wonderful boys, Chris (50), Brian (46) and Matt (34). “We also have two baseball loving grandchildren, Charlie (7) and Lucas (4).”

Like many of us, Irv was relegated to the fast pitch softball wars ‘back in the day’ until baseball re-entered his life. “I began playing baseball again in 1991 when Val Lewis put together a team to play in the ‘Exhibition’ 50 and over division at the World Series,” said Irv. “We now play in the league as a means to get ready for the World Series. That is our focus every year.”

A baseball resume like Irv’s must certainly come with a moment or two that stands out. “My biggest thrill was being able to play with all three of my sons in the Father/Son division,” Scott said. “The other highlight was when my 92 year old father pinch hit for us in the Father/Son tournament in 2006. What was equally special is that he pinch hit for his grandson. Three generations on the field at the same time.”

Irv is a retired trial lawyer who has time now to reflect on his past achievements as well as what this induction into the MSBL World Series means to him. “Baseball is not about individual statistics, it is about friendships, teamwork and laughter. I have been lucky to have played for a quarter century with men whom I consider brothers. MSBL has allowed this to continue into the fourth quarter of our lives—what an amazing tribute to Steve Sigler and MSBL.”

Irv summarized, “Jim Bouton said that you grab on to a baseball when you are young, but when you get older you realized that it grabbed on to you.” Irv continued, “It has never been about the baseball, although nobody enjoys competition more than I. It has been more about the friends. That’s why I am still playing.”