Congratulations Norm Cutliff, Brian Schueller and Joe Daniels

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Norm Cutliff

Norm Cutliff is the 74 year old league president of the Taos, New Mexico MSBL, located in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet. “Considering our talent pool we all play somewhere between the eight and 80 age range,” explained Cutliff.

Whether a large league or one a little smaller, passion cannot be measured by size. Steve Sigler has seen the dedication of Norm, as well as his continued support of the MSBL World Series, and has inducted Norm into the MSBL National Hall of Fame.

Norm and Janie, his wife of over forty years, have been hard at work keeping things going, along with his buddy Marty Remaly, who co-founded the league with Norm in 1993. But they still find time to get to Arizona for the MSBL World Series every year. The Taos Solar Sox are a fixture down in the valley of the sun.(Click HERE to read the rest of Norm’s story)

Brian Schueller