2016 Honor Roll Inductee: Ted Davis, Western Massachusetts Wood Bat

By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications

Ted Davis is the president of the Western Massachusetts Wood Bat League located in Springfield, Massachusetts. This 52 year old is one of the founding members of the 25-over league, which originated in 2008. Teddy is also the manager and contributing player for the Brownstone Bullies, currently sitting in the middle of the pack in this six team league.

Ted grew up in Cape Cod and is helping raise his two daughters and a son. MSBL Founder and President Steve Sigler has recognized Teddy’s accomplishments in keeping the Western Massachusetts Wood Bat Baseball League flying high and is citing his baseball passion by inducting him into the 2016 class of the MSBL Honor Roll. Congratulations!

“The entire MSBL National staff have been extremely helpful in assisting us in starting our League back in 2008 and maintaining our presence,” said Davis. “I haven’t been to any national tournaments yet but I hope to get there soon.”

We asked Teddy what was most special about the WMWBL. “The WMWBL offers competitive play, while still maintaining all the benefits of playing a recreational sport as an adult. The opportunity to meet and befriend others that you wouldn’t ordinarily run across in daily life is always fun.”

Being from Bean Town country it is no surprise that Teddy’s favorite player of all time wore the Boston uniform. “Luis Tiant was the best big game pitcher I’ve ever seen. If there was a game needing to be won, Louie was ‘The Man’ to get it done.”

The picture that leads this story has in interesting story behind it. It clearly shows Ted ripping one and getting it all. “The bases were loaded when I got that hit,” explained Teddy. “So all three runners came around and scored, but because I had a flare up with the gout I stopped at first because of the pain in my foot, even though the ball was way over the right fielder’s head and rolled to the fence.”

“After a fielder’s choice forced me at second, I came back into the dugout and my buddy, Gary Stewart, was doing the book,” Ted further explained with a chuckle. “As I sat down near him he offered out loud for most to hear, “Hmmm….A bases-clearing single. Well you don’t see THAT every day….”

Teddy’s occupation is in sales and you can see why. He is the top promoter of this league, neatly tucked into Red Sox territory. As they head into the playoffs it looks like the Senators and the Unity Athletic Club Wildcats of Ludlow are the teams to beat, sitting with records of 15-3-1 and 13-5, but I wouldn’t count out Teddy’s Bullies who are poised to make some waves at 11-6-1. With Davis at the helm, anything can happen. Great job, Teddy!