2014 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Jim Frenn, Bay Area MSBL

By Steve LaMontia, Executive Regional Director

Your name: Jim Frenn

City or town of residence: Vallejo, CA


League name: Bay Area Men’s Senior Baseball League (BAMSBL)

Town where league is based: San Francisco

Where did you grow up? North Hollywood, CA (but really, San Francisco as an adult)

High school and college, if applicable: Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, CA; California State University, San Francisco

What do you do for a living? Vice President – Human Resources & Administration for Saxco International, a glass bottles distribution company for wine, beer, food industries.

Family information: I have a son who is a professional Water Polo Coach. He coaches and teaches at American River College in Sacramento, California. I also have a step son who hosts his own ‘Prime Time’ radio show on a Denver radio station. I’m proud of both of these boys.

Describe your baseball resume: I played some high school baseball. I’ve managed teams both in our league and tournament teams for 19 of the 24 years in the league. Finished 2nd several time, but never won a championship as a manager. Being on a championship team in a local tournament we sponsored called Octoberfest in 2004, I think. Hitting a couple of homeruns in my MSBL career. In 24 years I’ve played on two teams in the BAMSBL.

President of BAMSBL since 2013, and a board member of the league for more years than I can remember.What is your greatest baseball moment, either watching or playing? Playing a half dozen times on the field at AT&T Park. It’s like playing Pebble Beach for a golfer. Also playing several times at the Oakland Coliseum. Not to mention playing the inmates at San Quentin.You’ve never really played a strange game until you play in the middle of a prison yard surrounded and heckled by inmates. They love us there. Hitting a couple of home runs. Recently being involved in defensive gems like a 9-6-5 relay for the third out at third base (I started it in right field, and at my age it doesn’t happen that often!) Turning double plays, anytime! I’m a San Francisco Giants fan, so watching them finally win a world series…and then another, two years later! Watching Barry Bonds hit most any pitch thrown, and home runs (majestic!). TimLincecum, two Cy Young awards (how often do you see someone win one, let alone two!). As a kid, Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Juan Marichal, Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale, Maury Wills, Wally Moon (bet you don’t know who he is?), and the Oakland A’s win championships in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. We are truly blessed for baseball in the Bay Area!

When did you start playing for MSBL and how did you hear about it? 1991, (for a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers. My dad, a Dodger fan for over 30 years loved seeing me a Dodgers uniform.Not so good for fans in the Bay Area).I was playing softball in a San Francisco softball league and a teammate told me about “this hardball league.”Never played softball again!

Do you still play? Yes, of course.

What team and age bracket? Cubs, 50+, Tournament team Giants 45+, 55+ & 60+

What is the best thing about your league? The players, hands down. It seems like everyone who plays baseball in our league plays with a passion for this great game.

Do you participate in any MSBL national tournaments? Yes, Las Vegas and the AZ World Series. One of these days I’ll get down to Palm Springs.

What is the funniest thing you have ever witnessed on a ball field? Our center fielder had a serious bladder issue between innings and decided to take care of it up against the center field wall. We had to hold up the game until he was finished. It was hilarious!

Who is your favorite player of all time and why? At my age, that’s a tough question because I’ve seen a lot of them. I was a Dodger fan during the Willie Mays era, or I would say him. So, I guess I would say Barry Lamar Bonds. He could do it all in his prime with the Giants.

Who is the best player in the majors right now? Buster Posey (and I’m not biased!)

Who is the greatest pitcher of all time and why? Cy Young. I guess because they named an award after him. But, Christy Mathewson is probably right there for all the innings pitched and games won.

Are there any additional personal comments you wish to add about your playing or life thus far? I’ve learned a lot about life playing baseball, like you can’t dwell too much about the great things or the bad things that happen, because it changes so fast. “Ya just gotta let go!” Also, you’ll always have one of those “wow, I never saw that before!” moments, no matter how long you play this great game.

Are there any comments about MSBL you wish to share? I’m just glad there is an MSBL, because without it there wouldn’t be an opportunity to play this great game. As president of the BAMSBL I carry on a rich history of past presidents who feel the same way about having a league affiliated with the MSBL. Our league gets a lot of support from MSBL national, and Steve. It’s in part why we’ve been around since 1988. I know there are other leagues, but they all came after the MSBL and BAMBL.Also, the national tournaments are incredibly fun for a baseball junkie like me. Where else can I play in Phoenix spring training stadiums and minor league fields? My friends and family can’t believe I still play this great game at my age, and it’s because the MSBL has created a context for me to play in. I appreciate it.