2013 MSBL Honor Roll Inductee: Glenn Mayfield, Mid-South Adult Baseball League, Memphis, TN

  By Steve LaMontia, Executive Regional Director

Biographical Information:

Your name: Glenn Mayfield

City or town of residence: Millington, TN

League name: (1) Mid South Adult Baseball League (MSABL) and (2) Memphis MSBL

Town where league is based: Memphis, TN

Where did you grow up: West Tennessee

High school and college: During high school in Bolivar, TN

What do you do for a living:Information Systems Manager

Family information: Wife Gail, Sons Shawn and Dustin and Daughter Cassie

General Questions:

Describe your baseball resume: Baseball was always my favorite sport. I played during high school, but stopped when I joined the Air Force. I played softball, but didn’t have an opportunity to play baseball again until I was 34. I’ve played in the Memphis league’s since 1994. In 1997 I started managing my 25+ team, the Pirates, which I still do today. I have been president of the Memphis MSBL 25+ league on multiple occasions. As I got older and the league seemed to get younger I founded the Mid South Adult Baseball League in 2009 for guys 40 and over. We’ve grown from a group of guys that divided up in to two teams each week that first spring to a 6 team league this year. I still run the MSABL and manage my team the River Rats.

For the last two years I’ve been the tournament director for the River City Classic wood bat tournament which is held in Memphis, TN.

What is your greatest baseball moment, either watching or playing: Probably as a kid growing up in Tennessee in the 60’s sitting on the porch listening to the Cardinals on the radio with my Dad.

When did you start playing for MSBL and how did you hear about it: I was playing adult baseball for a couple years when our league decided to become affiliated with the MSBL.

Do you still play: Yes I do.

What team and age bracket: River Rats 40+ Wood Bat

What is the best thing about your league: Having a league in the area for older guys to still compete and against guys close to their age has allowed guys that normally would have stopped playing to have a place to continue to enjoy the game of baseball and the friendships that go with it.

What is the funniest thing you have ever witnessed on a ball field: Just watching 40+ year old men on a baseball field is funny enough in itself sometimes. Last year in a tournament in Huntsville, AL one of our team mates on the bench told our third baseman to get ready to turn a triple play. On the next pitch the ball was hit to him, he stepped on 3B, threw to second and then on to first to complete the triple play. The fact that it was called before it happened cracked everyone up.

Questions just for fun:

Who is your favorite player of all time and why: Ozzie Smith because I saw him play so often and was always amazed at some of the plays he made.

Who is the best player in the majors right now: Justin Verlander

Who is the greatest pitcher of all time and why: There are a lot to choose from, but my pick is Nolan Ryan because he was so dominant for so long.

Are there any additional personal comments you wish to add about your playing or life thus far: I’ve always enjoyed playing baseball, but I get just as much if not more enjoyment now out of being around the friends that I’ve made over the years through the sport.

Are there any comments about MSBL you wish to share: I appreciate all that Steve, Brian, Gary and everyone else at the national level do, from their support of the local league and regional tournaments to putting on the national tournaments.