Jim Darby

.Vice President of Easton Sports

.MSBL National sponsor since 1988

.MSBL World Series participant

Dan Piro

.1997 Lifetime Achievement award recipient

.2009 founder of North County San Diego MSBL

.Played in eight MSBL World Series

.President of Southern California MSBL in 1990

.Founded Inland Pacific MSBL in 1992

Ron Dunn

.Past president San Jose MSBL

.Played on seven MSBL World Championship teams

.MSBL board member 1990-1997

Tom Prendergast

.President Kansas City MSBL 1988-present

.Lifetime Achievement award recipient 2004

.Founded National MSBL Umpire Association in 1992

.MSBL World Series tournament director 1998-present

.Tournament Director 1998 Nike World Masters Games

John Freitas

.Past president Nor-Cal MSBL

.Past member of MSBL National Board of Directors

.First appointee to MSBL Board of Advisors

Steve Rosenburg

.Lifetime Achievement Award recipient 2004

.President Atlanta MSBL

.MSBL Director since 1996

.1996 Centennial Olympic Games Chairman

.Georgia Games Baseball Tournament Director of Special Events


Kurt Knop

.MSBL World Series tournament director 1988-1997

.Founded Bay Area MSBL in 1988


Carl Shields

.President of Rawlings Sporting Goods

.MSBL national sponsor since 1988


Val Lewis

.First president of Sacramento MSBL in 1984

.Has played in every World Series since 1988

.Played on 15 World Series championship teams

.Founder of MSBL Father/Son format

.Has been teammates with all four sons and six grandsons through 2011

.Past MSBL Board member

.First 50+ champions in 1993

.MSBL World Series Hall of Fame member in 1999

.MSBL Lifetime Achievement award recipient in 2001

.Sacramento MSBL Hall of Fame recipient in 2006

Dennis Swartout

.2001 MSBL World Series Hall of Fame recipient

.Lifetime Achievement award recipient in 2004

.President of MSBL of Southern California 1991-present

.Played or managed in every World Series since 1988

.Managed four World Series championship teams

.Past MSBL National Board member

.MSBL World Series Rules Committee mem