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Len Ramirez: There and back again

Len Ramirez of the Agua Dulce Reds

By Jeff McGaw, MSBLNational.com

The Agua Dulce Reds were at Maryvale Baseball Park preparing for the 50 Wood Bat Central division championship game against the Chicago North Cubs Oct. 20, and nobody was more grateful to be there than Red’s player Len Ramirez.

That’s because in August, 2004, Len Ramirez died in a motorcycle accident.

The then 44-year-old Ramirez broke both arms. His left leg was fractured in five places. Two arteries in his heart were damaged and his left arm was paralyzed. Doctors and paramedics later said that Ramirez died on the pavement near his Santa Barbara home that day in 2004, but through the miracle of modern medicine, a good bit of luck, and Ramirez believes, higher powers, he was revived.

"It’s not that I’m superstitious,” he said, "but I have looked into God now after I’ve already died in a motorcycle accident and came back to life I believe,” he said. He carries a cross now to every game.

"I wrote a letter to Steve Sigler to tell him that I’m thankful and how much I missed baseball and I’m grateful to be back out here,” Ramirez said.

Standing near the sun-drenched, third base dugout at Maryvale, Ramirez cast a gaze out along the grass to the deep blue, padded outfield fence and to the gently sloping grass above the field, Ramirez smiled and said simply, "it’s just a pleasure.”

Ramirez returned to the baseball diamond in 2011 in a 35-and-over league in Santa Barbara to start preparing himself for competition. He was picked up by the Reds from the player pool for the MSBL 2012 World Series. "Now I’m grateful to be out here with these guys,” he said.

"I was never really into religion,” Ramirez confessed, "but when you actually die and come back and have a near-death experience you really thank the man every day. Things happen for a reason.”

The Reds beat the Cubs 4-2 to claim the title.


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