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    Below is the Player Pool list for all of our national tournaments. Contact players directly if you'd like to consider them for your team. Names are automatically removed after each tournament is finished.

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    Name Tournament League Position Phone Age Group Email
    Mark Carey / Gary York Las Vegas Open San Diego North MSBL OF, 2B, 3B 619-921-2431 35+/45+ markaw_22@yahoo.com"
    James Neill Las Vegas Open Southern Nevada MSBL P, 3B, 1B 702-913-0962 45+ neilljames66@yahoo.com
    Rowlan Hill Las Vegas Open 1B, OF 602-758-0865 45+ basehit1963@gmail.com
    Joe Escamilla Las Vegas Open 2B, RF 805-901-9381 55+ jescamilla@documentsystems.com
    Bill Kenik Las Vegas Open Los Angeles MSBL 3B, 1B, OF 775-297-6377 18+ tanel360@hotmail.com
    Joe Escamilla Las Vegas Open 2B, RF 805-901-9381 55+ jescamilla@documentsystems.com
    Timothy Ellinger Las Vegas Open 3B, 1B, C 805-816-0000 45+/55+ ellingertimothy@yahoo.com
    Michael Schuyler Las Vegas Open Lehigh Valley MSBL 1B, P, LF, RF 317-430-5336 35+ mschuyler35@gmail.com
    Vince Artalejo Las Vegas Open Monterey MABL INF 831-210-0178 45+ vinceartalejo@yahoo.com
    Rick Wallace Las Vegas Open 310-456-0088 55+ rickmalibu@aol.com
    Steve Zolotas and Tom Reynolds Las Vegas Open 2B, 3B, 1B, P 55+ zolo25@aol.com
    Joe Yagher Las Vegas Open OF, INF 949-422-6291 18+ yagher22@gmail.com
    Peter Nicolino Las Vegas Open LI Midweek MSBL P, 3B 516-510-5500 35+ pn@nicoworld.com
    Stephen DeRosa Las Vegas Open C, UT 914-844-7378 25+ sderosa90@gmail.com
    Keith Thrower Las Vegas Open Sacramento MSBL INF, OF 916-893-9410 35+ akthrower@sbcglobal.net
    Rob/Dakota Reistad Las Vegas Open Houston MSBL OF, 1B, SS 760-455-5437 Father/Son all4rob13@yahoo.com
    Miguel Velilla World Series C, 3B 917-576-2857 25+ mavelilla86@hotmail.com
    Marcel Huizing World Series P, 1B, OF 480-238-2668 55+ marcel.a.huizing@gmail.com
    Nathan Caldwell World Series C, 1B, 3B 803-240-1885 25+ djfamousmusic@gmail.com
    Chuck Tomney World Series SS, 3B, 1B 540-405-1500 55+ chuck_tomney@statusonedesigns.com
    Joe Teuton World Series New Orleans MSBL INF, OF, P 985-804-2411 45+ joeteuton@gmail.com
    Stuart Rabkn World Series DC MSBL OF 301-343-4783 65+ srabkin126@gmail.com
    Rick Steadman World Series San Diego North MSBL C, 2B 760-822-6245 60+ slsteadman@yahoo.com
    Todd Hoppmeyer World Series Atlanta MSBL OF, 1B, 3B, C 678-938-7114 45+ thoppmeyer@comcast.net
    Scott Brown / Jim Machado World Series Sacramento MSBL OF, 2B 916-832-2150 55+ scott.brown50@comcast.net
    Hal Levin World Series San Jose MSBL P 831-295-3978 65+/70+/73+ hlevin6@gmail.com
    Daniel World Series Los Angeles MSBL 1B, 3B, C, OF 35+ couzindanny@yahoo.com
    James Neill World Series Southern Nevada MSBL P, 3B, 1B 702-913-0962 50+ neilljames66@yahoo.com
    Abel Vizcarrondo World Series 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF 787-962-9763 50+ abelvizcarrondo12@hotmail.com
    Joe Gay World Series C, OF 619-715-1342 55+ jmgay0512@gmail.com
    Rodrigo Driscoll World Series INF, OF, P 405-476-6343 70+ phoenix68@windstream.net
    Randy Satterburg World Series San Diego North MSBL P, 2B, OF 310-200-5032 45+ randysatterburg@yahoo.com
    Jamison Kaul and David Rosser World Series OF, 1B, P 920-279-9399 35+ jamisonkaul@yahoo.com
    Stephen McClure World Series 3B, P 905-308-1902 50+/55+ mespowder@cogeeco.ca
    Markus Benjamin World Series 1B, LF, RF 916-753-0370 35+ mbenji1005@gmail.com
    Will Hubert World Seris Bay Area MSBL 1B, OF 510-501-0936 65+ wrhubert@gmail.com
    Keith Thrower World Series Sacramento MSBL All 916-893-9410 35+ akthrower@sbcglobal.net
    Robert Morton World Series Long Island MSBL OF, 2B, C 631-806-2675 70+ footdoc1019@aol.com
    Will Ferrell/Cody Bauer World Series Boise MSBL Utility 208-870-9217 Father/Son wkf1614@gmail.com
    Pat McKenna World Series Redwood Empire MSBL 2B, RF 707-490-5624 55+ doglvr9000@aol.com
    Harold Baquedano World Series Atlanta MSBL C, 1B, 3B, OF 305-878-2942 35+ hbquedano9@yahoo.com
    Joe Ven World Series C, 2B, OF 626-758-7293 25+ areuserious89@gmail.com
    Ashby Castillo World Series Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-313-1475 25+ ashbycastilloa@gmail.com
    Zak McKenna World Series REBL P, 2B, OF 707-889-9932 25+ zakmckenna17@gmail.com
    James Boice World Series INF 616-389-5265 18+ jvideanboice@yahoo.com
    Jonathan Batiste World Series INF 504-874-8868 35+ jnthnbatiste@gmail.com
    Matt Altieri World Series Bux-Mont MSBL SS, 2B, 3B 610-724-4368 35+ matty7@comcast.net
    Mike Malloy World Series Sacramento MSBL LHP, 1B, RF 916-834-2058 60+ mightymike53@yahoo.com
    Kevin Akers World Series Puget Sound MSBL 3B, 2B, 1B, P 425-210-6350 50+ shoolessjo@yahoo.com
    Marlon Villaurrutia Fall Classic Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-396-2934 18+ marlonsardi@outlook.com
    Earl Myers Fall Classic Bux-Mont MSBL INF, OF 610-715-5876 45+ emcubed0505@gmail.com
    Jason Svejkovsky Fall Classic Jacksonville MABL P, 3B 904-563-3884 18+ jsvejko@gmail.com
    Pedro Rivera Fall Classic Houston MSBL 1B, OF 832-452-5772 35+ pjr228@gmail.com
    Stephen McClure Fall Classic 3B, P 905-308-1902 50+ mespowder@cogeeco.ca
    Steven Fisher Fall Classic Sacramento MSBL P, INF, OF 916-203-3717 50+ railroader769@yahoo.com
    Harold Baquedano Fall Classic Atlanta MSBL C, 1B, 3B, OF 305-878-2942 35+ hbquedano9@yahoo.com
    Ashby Castillo Fall Classic Syracuse MSBL INF, OF 315-313-1475 25+ ashbycastillo@gmail.com
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