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  • Yankees Sweep Reds to Claim San Antonio 30+ Championship

    San Antonio MSBL 30+ Division

    Yankees 5, Reds 3


    Front Row L-R: Umpire Brother Theo Reyes, Miguel "Tito" Serrano, Bat Boy Tristan Soto, Manager Sammy Soto. Second Row L-R: Chad Crowell, David Cervantes, Charles Garza, Juan Martinez, Clayton Anstine, Reagan Rothe and Umpire Brother David Reyes. Third Row: Mr. Big Man Cody Spring!  

    ‘Yankees Sweep Reds in San Antonio Championship Series’

    Yankees Win!  Thaaaa Yankees Win!  Starting pitcher Juan Martinez (Series MVP) pitched nine innings to complete a masterpiece performance game and lead the 30+ Yankees to a 5-3 Championship win over the Reds.

    With probably the most solid defensive outing of the year, led by third baseman Miguel "Tito" Serrano who made several key fielding plays and long throws for outs, the Yankees kept the Reds' runs minimal.

    "I knew it would be just a matter of time before the Reds' bats would come to life but our defense just kept making plays,” said Yankee skipper Sammy Soto.  "I consider the Reds the best team and have a proven winning manager in Mr. Galloway. They are a team of champions.” 

    Not only was Serrano a Reds rally killer, shortstop Charles Garza, who was freshly off the DL, made key plays to stop many Reds threats.  The Reds were not held to just infield hitting, thanks to the tremendous ability and athleticism of the Yankees outfield. Long balls hit were run down by center fielder Reagan Rothe and left fielder Chad Crowell, who demonstrated amazing ability to react and chase down what would have been gappers. 

    "This outfield has been solid throughout the season and especially the playoffs. That's Rothe's outfield and he's done a tremendous job with the guys out there," added Soto

    "We expected to win this year with the good players and the chemistry we have built on this team,” Soto further explained, "but I knew it would also take dedication, commitment and continuous improvement as the season went on. It took good play and execution to achieve what we did, and that's win a Championship!”

    Soto concluded, "Most importantly, I thank God ever day to have this opportunity to play this great game of baseball with MLB Minor League quality venues and the professionalism provided by Mr. Skip Bradley.  I can't say enough of how proud I am of our players, they deserve this win and did a great job to close the deal!"

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