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South Jersey MSBL Holds Drive to Benefit Camden City Little Leagues


Submitted by Lou Marshall, League President, South Jersey MSBL

On Saturday, June 24th we held our second annual equipment drive to benefit the Little Leagues in the city of Camden N.J. It was a huge success as we gathered 120 bats, 300 gloves, 300 pairs of spikes, 15 sets of catchers equipment, many little league uniform pants, softball equipment, batting helmets and so much more.

There is still much more to come! I have some local high schools holding their summer baseball camps this week and I will be picking equipment up from them. I also have equipment promised from the school district of Linden, NJ in a few weeks.

On Monday afternoon I received a call from a good friend who owns a local sporting goodsand team outfitter business. He donated in excess of $10,000.00 worth of Little League uniforms, belts, hats, shirts, socks, catchers equipment, equipment bags and softball equipment. I delivered these items directly to the Little League facility in North Camden. To see the joy and excitement on these kid’s faces just happy to play the game was unbelievable! There was no bickering with parents or travel ball or club ball worries. It was just neighborhood children enjoying a summer night with their families watching as proud as they could be. It took me back to a simpler time when Little League was the start of the game we love to play and that’s all it was.

When I presented Bryan Morton, who runs the Little leagues throughout the city of Camden, with the items he and his wife were overcome and speechless. My friend who owns the store promised me more and will reach out to sporting goods companies for more donations. This has become the very fiber of what the SJMSBL is all about. Coupled with our Toys for Tots and Holiday Food Drive that will be in in its fourth year this November the rank of file of this league and all the communities we play in have become great supporters of what we do. Having an organization, like the SJMSBL I feel that it is our responsibility to give back anyway we can.

The kids are thrilled and this has become a great part of the things we do with the league and getting the SJMSBL out there as much more than a men’s baseball league!

Below is a note sent to Lou Marshall from Bryan Morton:

Coach Marshall,

"Words can never express the amount of gratitude and appreciation that I personally have for you. Your efforts here in Camden have changed many lives for the better.

And while you may think that's it's not too much to open your phone book and make a few phone calls or to write a few emails on our behalf, however I would happily disagree. You have opened the hearts and minds of so many by reaching out to your network and as a result you have helped tokeep hundreds of kids safe these past two summers.

Now stop for a moment and just imagine if just one of those kids uses this experience and succeeds.... not necessarily in baseball, but in life. That's what your efforts have given so many here; a shot to change the ending of their story and possibly that of the city too."


Bryan Morton

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