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MSBL World Series 'Daily News' Editions Now Archived for Your Enjoyment


By Steve LaMontia, Director of Communications 

After many months of downloading, tweaking, sweating and praying we finally have all of the issues of the MSBL World Series Daily News from 1998 to present ready for you to re-live. World Series tournament director Tom Prendergast has compiled a four-page daily news bulletin for players and fans every day of the Arizona tournament since 1998, his first year at the helm.  Every single day of every single year is now only a click away. 

All you have to do is go to our MSBL World Series page and click on the Daily News logo and you will be directed to a page that includes the logo from every year’s edition.  Click on that year's logo and boom…there is an individual link to all of the days.  It’s that simple.  Do you wish to take a step back to 2004 and that very special week where you won your very first ring?  Now you can, day by day, complete with all of the scores, stories and pictures.

Tom has put a tremendous amount of work and a lot of missed sleep into his posting of the newsletter every night of the tournament.  As per Tom it is a labor of love in his effort to make your MSBL World Series experience one to remember.  Why all of the extra work?  Because players and fans need to see the immediate standings, schedules and highlights from the previous day and they need to see it early.  His newsletters are posted on our national website and Facebook page every day of the tournament no later than 6:00 AM during the tourney.  We will be adding every year as we move forward, of course.

On a technical note, the very early Daily News days of 1998 and 1999 were saved in a different format and need a little more time to retrieve.  We will make those available as soon as we can.  There are also some daily files that were saved that are larger than others and take a little more time to upload when you click on. Patience, please.  They’re included, they’ll just take a little longer to upload.  There are also three or four days that we are still working on but as this is being conveyed, you have roughly 400 newsletters you can punch up and remember.  Just click here to go directly to our MSBL World Series Page and check it out.  Enjoy!

Please enjoy the walk down memory lane and we’ll see you down in Arizona in October!  

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