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An Update From Joe Banasik, Houston Hardball League President

By Joe Banasik, League President, Houston Hardball League

Things are crazy down here. Personally, my family and home are safe and we are truly blessed. We had 3’ of water in the street and it came up to the top of the slab when a local creek decided to reroute itself through our neighborhood. Water never came in our house but next door our neighbors flooded and there were high water boat rescues on the next street over. You know things are getting serious when the US Coast Guard is flying low over your house with a guy hanging out the side with a rescue basket and rope attached. We live 75 miles inland from the coast!

Most of the players are fine, however it seems like one in five people I have corresponded with in the league have had some sort of flood issues to some level. Some have had 1-2 inches in their home while others have had 1-2 feet. One manager is waiting for the National Guard to let them back to their house, while another manager I talked to is in a shelter with his family having being rescued by boat.

There are also countless players with similar situations throughout. Just about all of us know someone who has lost a vehicle, a home, or business to the flood waters. Most will rebuild or replace. Obviously baseball is put aside as we help one another get through this. We help each other by gutting out flooded houses, offering food and a place to stay for our displaced families. At this moment, many HHL members (some are also first responders) are still working around the clock and will continue with water rescues and rebuilds. As a city we have been through this many times and most Houstonians are strong and will take initiative to get things done by ourselves and take care of our own.  It’s very humbling to know that so many people are concerned and taking interest in our city and league as we get our lives back in order. 

Baseball in Houston will play again soon. Water will go down, fields will dry out, gloves will be dusted off and pitches will be thrown. We’re probably looking at playing in just a couple of weeks for the fall season. Many players are ready to get back on the field, after of course our responsibilities are first met for family, friends and property.

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